A Virtual Tour of the Natural History Museum

Delve into the Museum from home with a virtual self-guided tour of the galleries, an interactive experience about Hope the blue whale and audio guides narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Click here to have a fascinating look at the wonders of the natural world.


  1. Take a deep dive into the life of a blue whale

Explore the rich history of Hope, the blue whale suspended from the ceiling in Hintze Hall. In this online interactive, see what her life was like in the ocean, find out how she got to her home in the Museum and get a behind-the-scenes peek of the Museum’s collections.

  1. Let Sir David Attenborough guide you around Hintze Hall

Sir David’s unmistakable voice and expertise on all things nature make him the perfect person to take you on a tour of Hintze Hall’s star specimens (including the blue marlin), all from the comfort of home.

  1. Go on a virtual tour of the Museum

Google Arts & Culture gives you access to 300,000 specimens within the Museum’s collections, along with 14 digital exhibitions, virtual tours and an interactive gigapixel photo (so enormous you can zoom in on the tiniest detail) of Hintze Hall’s gilded canopy.

  1. Flick through Wildlife Photographer of the Year images

Explore the exhibition at your own pace (and without the crowds!) in this online gallery filled with stunning nature photographs.

  1. Check out the Hintze Hall balcony displays

The large-scale cabinets on the first-floor balcony of Hintze Hall showcase nature’s diversity in four spectacular displays: seabirds, pheasants, rocks and minerals

  1. Examine a 3D model of Dippy’s skull

Get up close to the skull of the Museum’s iconic Diplodocus cast produced by our Imaging and Analysis Centre. See more 3D models on Sketchfab, including Darwin’s fossil mammals and the Crystal Palace sculptures.

  1. See illustrations from HMS Endeavour

Our collection of botanical illustrations from HMS Endeavour make up some of the most scientifically significant artworks in our archive. It features works by Sydney Parkinson.

  1. Browse the Library and Archives digital collections

Dig deep into the archives, where you’ll find scientifically important art, books, prints and manuscripts, including drawings by William Smith and brothers Franz and Ferdinand Bauer.

  1. Uncover highlights from the collections

We’ve wrapped up some of the highlights from the collections on display including specimens from space, the spirit collection, Charles Darwin and the Treasures gallery.

Discover more stories from their other collections.

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