Kensington Mums top tips for returning to school this September

Back to school planning will look different for many parents this year.  It’s not just school uniform that will be a priority concern. The current pandemic situation means a lot of parents will feel anxious and children may feel uneasy about the changes and new rules put into place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Kensington Mums share top 10 tips to get ready for back to school. Make sure you read their back to school guide filled with back to school essentials and children activities.

  1. Preparing yourself

Get prepared for the school drop off as much as at the moment it may seem like you will be elated, it may surprise you as a parent how anxious you and or your child are after the 6 months off and pandemic concerns.  So practice saying your goodbyes by role playing; making sure you take a turn at pretending to be the child, as well as the parent.

  1. Learn the new Routine

Learn the new routine for drop off which may mean a new entrance or exit, to drop off and pick up, different drop off times and different timings for year groups.

  1. Review hand washing techniques

Practice proper hand washing techniques with younger children so it becomes more like habit, explain to them why it is so important

  1. Prepare your children for social distancing

Talk to your children about precautions such as social distancing from other children, and why it is necessary and how they will be put into bubbles of 15 or less children.

  1. Carpools

If you are doing a rota with another family, ensure masks are worn on the journey.

  1. Policies

Find out the schools policies if they need to shut due to a positive covid-19 case.

  1. Start to establish a bedtime routine

Start to establish a good sleep bedtime routine now as it has probably been all out of sync the last 6 months and will be difficult to get back into. Start to get to bed earlier and wake up earlier as this is difficult to get back into the sync of.

  1. School tools

Organise your children’s pencils, pencil cases, bags, PE kits fully labelled to ensure they don’t confuse theirs with anyone else’s.

  1. Make sure your child is happy and excited about returning

This is the most important of all as you don’t want any anxiety forming for school, make sure you talk to your child and they voice any concerns or worries they may have.

10. Organise

Check what you need now for school now while there is still time to order online and go to the shops, don’t leave it till the last minute or you may find they have run out of sizes and colours you need!  It is important to get your kids organised.

Most of all good luck and enjoy!



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