London Wonderground comes to life with a gorgeous botanical wonderland known as the Pleasure Garden

Kensington & Chelsea Art Week (KCAW) have collaborated with artists Baker & Borowski to transform this meanwhile space on Warwick Road opposite Earl’s Court Underground station into a show stopping art installation.
The artists’ takeover is made up of a huge 35-metre mural inspired by local wild flowers, alongside a sculptural structure and a floor design reminiscent of ‘Sumer of Love’ colours, echoing the pleasure gardens popular in the area during the 18th century.

One of the most significant innovations in 18th century leisure was the pleasure garden; a dedicated outdoor space for entertainment, for which a ticket was needed to gain entry. Part gallery, part fashion show and part brothel, London’s pleasure gardens defined the city’s nightlife in the 18th and 19th centuries.

They were sites for music, dancing, eating and drinking – and regular fireworks, operas, masquerades and illuminations. Laid out as formal gardens, with shrubberies and miniature waterways, and dedicated buildings for performances and for eating, they were places to see the latest in art and architecture.

The focus of this installation, however, is on the 21st century and our modern considerations of nature in the urban environment.

Inspired by the flora and fauna of Kensington and Chelsea, the area has been transformed into a vibrant meanwhile space encouraging visitors to enjoy the previously closed site. The Pleasure Garden takeover by Baker & Borowski is part of KCAW Public Art Trail, made through the support of The Earls Court Development Company, and marks the opening of the inaugural Kensington + Chelsea Festival. The summer long performing and visual arts programme will run until 31 August.

Celebrate by visiting this unmissable spectacle at SW5 9UB, on view 24/7.

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